Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What should I bring on the first day?

-indoor shoes

-extra clothing

-diaper and wipes if required

-lunch & snacks

2. What kind of lunch should I bring for my child?

-Please follow the Canada food guide.

-please limit sweet treats

     eg. Chocolate bars

            fruit snacks


3.  Do we toilet teach?

- Yes we do .  please bring a lot of extra clothes

4.  What is the User fee?

- It is a portion of the daily fee that Provincial Subsidy does not cover.

5. Where can we park?

-if our lot is full, please park on 26th Street or Park Avenue.

Please do not park in our neighbours parking lots

6.  What should I do when dropping off my child at Daycare?

- Please take your child to their locker to help them remove their outside clothing.

- please take your child to their designated room

7.  Do you  transport children to Kindergarten?

-We walk children to Kindergarten at JR Reid school.  If your child goes to a different school, it is your responsibility to find transportationto get your child to and from school