Parent Handbook


 We at Magical Memories Learning Centre would like to take this time to welcome you to our Centre.  We hope that your time with us will be educational, enjoyable and memorable.

We care for children from the age of three months to six years.  The staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the Centre.  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome. We have an open-door policy so please feel free to stop by for a visit or call at any time during the day.  The Centre's goal is to provide the best possible care for your children, and we feel that we will be able to accomplish this with an open relationship with you, the parents/guardians of the children.






Magical Memories Learning Centre is an open, warm and inviting environment for parents, children and staff. The children can feel safe and cared about in our centre allowing parents to be assured that their children are well cared for and safe while they are away from them.

 Staff greet both parents and children by name when they arrive and share information with them at the end of the day.  Staff ensures that information is being passed from parents to centre and from centre to parents by way of incident reports, a monthly newsletter and staff talking to the parents.  Because of the size of our centre and the many rooms that we have, staff communicate between each other verbally and by writing notes in the daily logbook.  This ensures that the children have the same experience no matter which area of the centre they are in. 

To convey information to parents regarding their child’s learning and development, we use Fastoche that all parents have access to.  Staff fill out a journal for each child to let the parents/guardians know how their child’s day was. 


The environment is planned with the children in mind.  Children learn best through investigation and experiences, so the learning centres are set up to enhance and encourage this.  The learning centres are set up to best support various types of learners and their developmental level as well as to encourage discovery and investigation. Children can play alone, in a small group or a larger group depending on their need at the time.  We encourage independence and for children to think and do for themselves.  To enhance and encourage interactions between children, the staff help children to learn how to problem solve between themselves.  The staff introduce new children to the older children in the centre and encourage our “older” children to help the “newer” children by showing them where the toys are and to have them join in their group to play. At mealtimes staff sit with the children and encourage the children to talk amongst themselves and with the staff.  To encourage creative thinking and problem-solving staff ask open ended questions. 


Our centre is theme based.  The staff discusses what areas of development that we feel need to be focused on through the year as well as what is happening seasonally and, in our community, to decide on the weekly themes. The staff pre-plan circle and art daily keeping in mind the developmental level for the children in their group to ensure all areas of development are being met.  Spontaneous activities happen throughout the day as staff observe the interests of the children.  They enhance or extend the children’s activities and learning.  An example of this would be to add cars to the block area because the children are creating roads.   Transitions are kept to a minimum to ensure that the children have large blocks of time to discover and play because we know that children learn best through play. We also extend play through discussions and open-ended questions.  Open ended questions have no right or wrong answer, and they give the children an opportunity to think about many different possibilities.  Some examples of the connections between the children’s experiences and the development of the children are:


We provide open ended art to promote the children’s creativity.

We provide water play to promote science skills.

We provide block play to promote math and science skills.

We provide creative play to promote social awareness.


The staff at Magical Memories Learning Centre set up the environment to ensure all the children’s needs are being met.  They encourage the children to engage in activities throughout the day.  The centre provides books and pictures depicting different ethnicities.  We have dolls of different races to encourage acceptance of everyone.  We encourage our parents to come into the centre to discuss their own heritages with the children.  We also have guests come to the centre to show the children their cultures.  Examples of this are Métis musicians and aboriginal drummers.  We have also had a Scottish piper and Ukrainian dancers. The staff encourages the children, they talk to the children accepting them for their own uniqueness.  We celebrate the successes with the children and we encourage them when things are not what they want. 




Safety Charter/Code of Conduct

Magical Memories Learning Centre has a safety Charter. A parent can request to see a

copy of our Safety Charter but the binder may not be removed from the centre.



At Magical Memories Learning Centre Inc, we strive to provide a safe, caring, learning environment for children, staff and families.  We believe in the equality and respect diversity.

The following people are expected to behave in a respectful manner and comply with this code of conduct:

- management and staff members

- children

- parents/guardians of children enrolled

- all others involved with our centre

Guiding Principles for Appropriate Behaviour

Be Respectful

We are respectful of ourselves and other people. We are respectful of the ideas and feelings of others. We are respectful of the environment, equipment and materials.


Be Safe

We work and play safely to help keep ourselves and others from getting hurt.


Be Cooperative

We solve our problems by talking and listening to each other respectfully to find a solution. When we cannot solve a problem ourselves, we ask for help.


Be Supportive of Learning

We learn to the best of our abilities and support the learning of others.




Developmental Capabilities of Children

We understand that it is normal for children to display inappropriate behaviour at times for a variety of reasons.  The developmental capabilities of each child will always be considered when determining both expectations for behaviour and consequences of inappropriate behaviour. 



Appropriate Use of Technology

All children, parents, staff and others involved in our centre must use e-mail, electronic devices and the Internet according to the following policies.

Information about children, parents, staff and MMLC (including photos and video) are not to be posted on:

  • With respect to people’s privacy you cannot post anything negative, abusive or questionable this also includes pictures of the children on the internet this includes “facebook” or any other social sites like Facebook
  • To respect the children's safety no pictures of the children at the centre will be put on the internet, this includes facebook and all other such sites.
  • A staff members personal websites
  • Or any other type of internet website
  • Public networking or file sharing sites such as photobucket, flickr, you tube, etc

 This protects people’s privacy and the confidentiality of information.

Children, staff and others using MMLC’s computers and electronic devises must:

  • Respect and protect the privacy of others
  • Respect and protect the integrity of all electronic devises
  • Respect and protect the intellectual property(the ideas, creation, copyrights) of others
  • Communicate in a respectful manner
  • Report threatening or inappropriate material

Inappropriate includes:

  • Intentionally accessing, transmitting, copying, or creating material that:
  • Violates the confidentiality of the children, staff, parents or the centre
  • Violates MMLC’s code of conduct ( such as messages that are pornographic, threatening, rude, discriminatory, or meant to harass)
  • Use the technological resources for personal use without MMLC’s permission.

Supervision and monitoring

Authorized employees of MMLC (director, assistant director and program supervisor) have the right to monitor the use of information technology resources and to examine, use and disclose any data found.  The Centre may use the information in disciplinary actions and release to the police if it is criminal in nature.

MMLC’s staff use of Cell phones and other personal electronic devices

  • Staff do not use cell phones and other personal electronic devices when they care for and supervise children.
  • cell phones, iPhone etc. are to be kept in the staff room in your locker, your responsibility is to the children and their safety and if you are on your phone then you cannot be fully present with the children. If you are expecting an emergency call then you can leave your phone with whomever is working in the office and you will be notified if it goes off.
  • If staff takes a personal cell phone for the safety purposes on outings with children, it is only used for emergency contact with MMLC or the child’s parents’ and MMLC) the data is downloaded onto the MMLC’s computer and deleted from their phone or devise.
  • If a staff uses a personal cell phone or other devise to photograph or video tape children (with permission of the parent) it must be downloaded on to the centres ipad or computer and deleted from the staff persons phone immediately

Staff of MMLC do not accept children as “friends” or “Buddies” when using social networking sites such as Facebook .


Unacceptable Behaviours

The following behaviours by children, staff, parents and others involved in our centre are unacceptable:

- all forms of bullying (physical, verbal, emotional, social or cyber bullying), including comments, actions or visual displays that are intentional, hurtful and repetitive

- harassment, including behaviour that degrades, demeans, humiliates or embarrasses someone that a reasonable person would know is unwelcome

- all forms of abuse (sexual, physical or psychological), including verbally, in writing , on the internet(facebook)

- discrimination against any person or group because of their race, colour, ancestry, nationality or place of origin, ethnic background, religion, age, sex, gender-determined characteristics, sexual orientation, marital and family status, source of income, political belief and physical or mental disability

- actions that put another person at risk of harm, including violent physical acts (with or without a weapon) and threatening someone in person, written threats or cyber threats.



Proactive Strategies

We actively strive to create an environment that supports the health, safety and well-being of the children by:

- having realistic and developmentally appropriate expectations for behaviour

- setting up the environment and materials to encourage appropriate behaviour and reduce potential for inappropriate behaviour

- planning a program based on children’s interests and developmental needs

- establishing consistent yet flexible schedules and routines that help children gain trust, security and self control


We create a positive environment for children, parents, staff and others involved in our centre by:

- developing positive relationships, including making time to talk and listen

- establishing clear, consistent, simple limits

- stating limits in a positive way and periodically reminding people

- providing explanations for limits

- working together to solve problems

- modelling and encouraging appropriate behaviour

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviour         

We will consistently respond to inappropriate behaviour by children, parents, staff and others involved in our centre by:

- reminding people of expectations and limits

- using a respectful approach to explain why a behaviour is inappropriate and what behaviour is expected

- talking only about the behaviour, not labelling the person

- responding sympathetically and acknowledging feelings

- establishing natural, logical consequences

Depending on the severity and frequency of the behaviour, we will consider further steps such as:

- using behavioural analysis to learn what may be contributing to a child’s inappropriate behaviour and how to help reduce or eliminate the behaviour

- having a formal or informal meeting to discuss concerns and to develop an action plan to encourage appropriate behaviour in the future

- developing a written contract with an adult or older child that outlines specific expectations and consequences

- giving a written warning that outlines specific concerns and consequences if the behaviour continues

- accessing outside resources for help, such as:

> a behaviour specialist or other professionals to help staff understand and reduce a child’s inappropriate behaviour

> child and family services to access parenting supports

> mediation services to resolve conflicts between adults

> the Manitoba Human Rights Commission for information and advice to resolve an issue informally or to make a formal complaint if the behaviour involves discrimination or harassment

> the police to assist with threatening behaviour

In extreme cases, we will take additional steps :

- suspending or dismissing the staff member

- suspending or withdrawing child care services because of a child’s or family member’s inappropriate behaviour

- in the case of a visitor not allowing the person to return to the centre

- contacting the police and/or child and family services (CFS), if the behaviour is illegal such as abuse, assault or threatening another person

-depending on the individual case any or all of these guidelines may be implemented in any order.

 -if a person comes into the centre and is inappropriate with a staff that person will be asked to leave and their child may be withdrawn.

Our Philosophy

Magical Memories Learning Centre is dedicated to providing your children with an environment that is secure both physically and emotionally.  We provide a safe and healthy environment for your children's development in all areas of their growth: physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially.  The staff are dedicated professionals trained to guide your children through their daily learning experience in a positive and personal way.  Our program is flexible, yet structured, organized and consistent.  A wide variety of activities are available through out your children's day to provide them with a stimulating and challenging learning environment.  The children will choose many of their activities through out the day with the Early Childhood Educators guiding them in a positive manner in their play and experiences.  By choosing their own activities your child sets the direction in which they wish to go and is able to explore as fully as they wish to.  These activities will include creative centres, manipulate centres, imaginative play centres, problem-solving centres, small muscle centre and large muscle play.  Our children learn through play and learning centres help them to develop the skills they require to grow into independent free thinking adults.

   The Early Childhood Educators respect and understand your child's individuality so they are able to assist the children to develop and learn to their potential and abilities.  The staff participates in your child's discovery process by providing an interactive and age-appropriate circle daily that involves a variety of planned activities which include movement, music, science, literature, social studies, discussions and special visitors all related to the planned themes for the week.  This environment allows your child to share his/her own experiences, talents, skills and interests with others.

   A parent's interest and input into their child's intellectual, social and physical development is valuable.  We share that interest and wish to form meaningful relationships with the parents as well.  We have much to learn from our children and it is our sincere hope that together, we can discover and share the delights the children experience as they grow.


Behaviour Management Policy

   Magical Memories Learning Centre believes all children have the right to learn in a safe, secure, healthy and nurturing environment.  As children mature and develop, their ability to control their emotions and their ability to wait for their needs to be satisfied grows.  It is the responsibility of the Early Childhood Educators who are involved with your children to expect age appropriate behaviour and to assist your child in learning the skills required to live harmoniously with others.  Children deserve to be taught positive social skills.  As a person they need the acceptance and pleasure that comes when such skills are exercised.

   In keeping with this belief, Magical Memories Learning Centre will strive to provide a program that promotes consistency, self-esteem and independence. We will offer a program that minimizes conflict and frustration through the careful creation of a stimulating environment.

The program and environment are designed to support children’s emotional development. The expectations and guidance strategies used are based on an understanding of child development and Circle of Security. We recognize that growing and learning means making mistakes and difficulties are a normal and expected part of children’s development. Staff work hard to develop strong relationships and connections with the children. With this secure base, children will feel more confident in going out to explore and interact with others knowing staff will be available for them to come back to as a safe haven. We are guided by three rules:

  • Respect yourself
  • Respect others (children & adults)
  • Respect the learning environment, equipment & materials.

 Guidance is handled in a positive manner…”We use inside voices so we don’t bother the other children working”...rather than “Quit yelling!” Limits are stated in a positive way. Children will be spoken to in a respectful way at all times. Opportunities are provided for children to make choices (practice decision making). This supports the development of self-control and minimizes frustration. Choices are not given when there are none. Appropriate behaviour will be model and encouraged. We are involved with, and available to, the children to help them clarify their words, actions and feelings to others. We will be with children as in using physical closeness (moving closer, standing or sitting beside) and touch (hand on a shoulder) to help get children back on track. We will provide comfort and help them organize their feelings. Conflict situations will be discussed with the children, and by providing alternatives and guidance, help them resolve disputes. The feelings of the children will be acknowledged. If children don’t have ideas for resolving the issue, some choices will be offered. Children are usually taken aside and spoken to quietly. The focus is always on the behaviour, not on the child’s character. No physical punishment is used. No comments are made that may undermine a child’s self-respect. It is unacceptable to deny a child physical necessities.

The child may be given some time away from the activity to refresh and recharge.  This time will give the child time to take a breath and recalibrate. 

At Magical Memories Learning Centre no person shall be permitted to inflict or practice abuse of any kind to any person in this centre.  This includes physical, verbal and emotional abuse or any other actions that may cause discomfort or distress to another person.


Hours of Operation

   The Centre is open from 6:30 am to 5:30 pm Monday to Friday.

The Centre is closed for all Statutory Holidays.  Notice of Centre closure will be posted on the front door on the website and on the bulletin board in the front lobby. If the Centre is closed due to severe weather, the information will be emailed from Fastoche  before the Centre opens or as soon as possible, as well as on our website.  If you are unsure if the Centre is open please feel free to call and inquire.


Arrival and Departure

A staff person will sign your children in and out daily. Please ensure that a staff person sees your arrival and departure to ensure that you child(ren) are signed in and out.  We use the sign in/out in fastoche for fire drills and billings.   It is important that all children are signed in and out correctly each day.

Children need to be at daycare before 12:00 noon each day or it will be assumed that the child is not attending that day.  If your child will be arriving later than 12:00 noon please call the centre ahead of time to let us know so we can ensure we have the appropriate staffing in place.

It is the parents/guardians responsibility to arrive in enough time to help the child to undress and to store the child's belongings in their locker and to bring them to their group.

If someone new is picking up your child we ask that they have I.D. on him or her.  This will ensure that only the people that you have given permission to will be able to remove your child from the Centre.

Please ensure that you are at the Centre by 5:15 to ensure that you are able to have your child dressed and leaving the Centre before 5:30 pm.

Everyone must be out of the centre at 5:30 pm.

If you find that you require care earlier than or later than what your normal arrival/departure time is please call the Centre as soon as you know of the change to ensure that staffing needs can be met.


Transportation Policy

Transportation of children to and from the Centre is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian of the child.  The Centre is not responsible for accident or injury to the parents or children while the parent is transporting the child to and from the Centre.

Staff is responsible for the safety of the children off the Centre’s property while on Centre related outings.  The staff will have the children’s medical numbers, parent’s work and home number, emergency contact person and any other relevant information regarding the child.  In the event of an emergency, staff may remove the child from the Centre’s property without the permission of the parent/guardian prior to departure.  Parents will be notified as soon as possible of the incident.

Staff shall assume responsibility for the safety and well being of the child when the parent has placed the child in the custody of the staff and has left the building. 


Walking Kindergarten children to JR Reid School

We walk Kindergarten children to JR Reid school and we pick them up from September to June 30.

We do not walk the children if the air temperature is -25 or less or if the weather network says we are under an extreme cold weather warning.


Daily Outings with Children


Supervision Policy While On Outings

A supervision plan allows protocols and procedures surrounding effective Supervision to be put in place to ensure that staff at Magical Memories Learning Centre are aware and accountable for every child that is in their attendance throughout the day. These protocols and procedures reduce the risk of harm to our children by preventing injuries and accidents. Effective Supervision promotes licensed childcare programs to assess their supervision policies regularly to ensure that they are promoting a positive, responsive, and intentional learning environment that addresses the needs of the children in their care


Magical Memories Learning Centre does not have an attached playground.  The staff instead walk with the children to a local park daily.

JR Reid School – children 5 years and older only

Lions Park –  all children including infants


The following policies are in place to ensure safe traveling with the children.


Prior to leaving the centre:

  • Staff will make a list of the children in their group.  To make the list they will visually look at each child and then write their name on the list.
  • Staff will do a verbal count while lining up at the centre. The staff member will ensure that face-to-face contact is made with all children. Staff may also engage the children in counting with the staff to enhance literacy development.
  • The written attendance and the centre's cell phones will be taken that has a list of all the staff member and centre emergency contact information on it. Staff will use a cell phone to communicate with each other/with the Center Director or Assistant Director.
  • One staff member per group will have a cell phone with them and a list of all the staff members and the centres phone number.
  • Staff will explain the reasons for safety rules to children.



Transitioning to the Selected Play Space –

  • The children will use rope rings to hold onto while walking.  An exception to this is the older pre-kindergarten children and kindergarteners; if the staff is confident that they are able to walk safely without the ropes then the children will hold hands with a partner instead. 
  • If the group needs to stop along the way for any reason (empty sand out of shoes, help a child, look at something interesting to the children, etc...) then the staff will recount their group before continuing on their walk.
  • Staff will use verbal communication with other team members when they need to attend to an individual child. Staff is aware that they are still responsible for all children in their group.
  • In a group of 8 or less preschool children, the ECE shall walk backwards to ensure they are able to see and engage with the children
  • The staff will engage the children and discuss their surroundings while walking with the children.
  • Staff stop and will count the children prior to crossing a street and again once they are on the other side.
  • When walking with the children there will be a staff member at the front of the line and another at the back of the line so that there is a clear vision of all children at all times





While at Park:


  • All staff members will count the children and confirm the number verbally with each other when arriving and leaving the park/outing
  • While at the park staff will count the children minimum 10 – 15 minutes to make sure all the children are accounted for.  The staff members will spread themselves through out the play area to have a visual of all areas of the park.
  • Centre Management will produce maps of all outdoor locations and pinpoint areas where staff are to be standing to ensure direct Supervision.
  • Staff performs frequent headcounts and cross-references of children present with the list of names carried by staff
  • Staff is consistently aware of the environments and individual children, adjusting Supervision accordingly to eliminate any safety issues.
  • If staff is attending to an individual child, they are still aware of all the children in the group.
  • Staff will frequently scan the playground, counting the children and ensuring that all children are visible.
  • Staff will communicate with each other on the location and count of children
  • Staff will anticipate and take action to ensure safety and identify any safety barriers while balancing the children's need to explore and take safe risks.
  • When not actively engaged in children's play, it is easy to strike up conversations with co-workers. When this occurs, it causes a distraction and hinders Direct Supervision. Conversations not directly related to safety, ratio, and headcounts must be kept to a minimum.
  • Staff will understand that they are not outdoors to converse with each other. A good visual is a minimum of 10 feet between staff members so that all children are adequately supervised.
  • It is understood that instances may arise where staff is required to take their attention away from the group. (i.e., if one child requires First Aid.) This will be communicated with the other staff present.
  • When possible, an enhanced ratio will be maintained during outdoor play
  • When leaving an outdoor play place they will use this list to visually ensure that each child is with them and ready to walk back.




Fire Drills

The Centre has a monthly fire drill.  We do go outside on the days that weather permits.  On the days that weather does not permit, we will take the children to the exit that they would normally use.


In-service Days

It will be assumed that your child (ren) will be attending the Centre on school in-service days unless otherwise informed.  If your child will not be attending an in-service day and you are subsidized an absent day will be used. If you are not subsidized then you will be billed for the day that your children (ren) are not in attendance.



Any child suspected of having a communicable disease must be removed from the Centre immediately.  At the discretion of the Director, a physician’s note may be required for readmission into the centre.  This is to ensure the health of the other children.  We ask that your child does not attend Daycare if they are unable to participate fully in all activities of the day.  This includes going outside.

Any child, who is sick and unable to actively participate in our program, should not attend on that day. Please phone and notify the staff of your child's illness so that staff members can watch for symptoms in the other children.

If your child should become ill during the day you will be notified by a staff member to make arrangements to have your child picked up. Any decision to send home a child during the day will be based on the general condition, appearance, activity level, and symptoms displayed by the child:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Temperature over 100F (38C)
  • Undiagnosed rash or sores that may be communicable
  • Severe upper respiratory infection such as cough, yellow-green nasal discharge.
  • Pink Eye
  • Head lice
  • Impetigo
  • Strep throat


In cases where a child has contracted an infectious disease, a doctor's note is required prior to returning to the Centre.

Please keep your children home for 24 hours to ensure your child is symptom free without medication.

If your child has a physical ailment that may affect them at the Centre, please let us know. (e.g. asthma or epilepsy)

Common Questions and Answers


We are finding that there may be some confusion as to when children can and can not attend the centre with symptoms of illness. This is resulting in children attending the centre when they are sick and unwell, and we are finding a huge increase in illness in both children and staff. Please review our policies on illness and the Q&A we have created.



My child has a cold can they attend?

No, they should stay home. They can only return when their cold is gone. Sometimes a lingering cough can occur for weeks after BUT the cough and/or runny nose should be almost nonexistent before they can return with out medication. You MUST talk to the MMLC staff about your child’s symptoms before returning as we will work with families on a case by case basis regarding the child’s return. Please be mindful that a cold can last a week or two and sometimes we can have up and down days while our bodies fight the virus.


My child only has a cough can they attend?

No, they need to stay home when new symptoms appear until they are better. If it’s been a week or so and your child’s cough is almost gone but still lingering (coughing the odd time) then please speak to the Centre staff about your child’s symptoms and returning to the Centre.


I think it’s allergies, can they attend?

Your child cannot attend unless the runny nose is manageable as stated above. You can talk to your doctor about different options to manage allergies in children. If symptoms are a result of allergies than allergy medication should alleviate symptoms. The choice to use medication is yours to decide.


My child might have or has asthma:

You would need to have testing done with your family doctor and if an asthma diagnosis has been given then you must complete all URIS forms at the Centre through public health. Your child will need to bring their  prescription labeled inhaler and air chamber to the Centre. A puffer will be administered but if it does not alleviate the cough then you will be called for pick up.


My child has a runny nose only, can they attend?

Yes they can attend but only if the runny nose is minimal and clear. If it is thick, discolored and needs continual wiping or any other symptom is present, no matter how mild, they need to stay home until it is manageable and only a runny nose is present.



My child had a fever when can they return?

They must be fever free without the use of medication for 24 hours prior to returning.


My child vomited, when can they return?

The child must be vomit free for 24 hours and eating normally, keeping food down, before they can return.


My child had diarrhea, when can they return?

They must be 24 hours diarrhea free before returning


My child was fine at home, why are you calling for pick up?

Sometimes children’s symptoms can worsen when they are active. The environment here is very different then at home. At home where your child can rest and take it easy and are not on the go in the same manner as they are in a child care setting.


Before calling staff will do the following and monitor for improvement:

wait 30 minutes after we have been outside to see if symptoms clear up

offer water to see if symptoms are eliminated

administer any prescribed puffers if diagnosed with asthma and monitor for improvement

adjust the position of a sleeping child or have them sit up to have some water


My doctor said my child can go to daycare….

A doctors note does not supersede policies in place and all policies need to be respected and followed. A doctors note may be requested by the child care facility if we have concerns of communicable disease.


My child has pink eye when can they return?

We suggest you monitor and test for covid as it is on the list of symptoms, however a child can return after using eye drops for 24 hours. Please see a doctor as there are many kinds of eye infections and you may need prescription eye drops.


Why do I need to do the daily screening? (NOT REQUIRED AT THIS TIME)

This allows us to monitor illness and ensure children are not attending the Centre with the onset of new symptoms. We continue to be cautious to ensure a safe environment as covid 19 is still present. We are now starting to see people get covid for a second time so it is important that you still screen and test as needed. Most pharmacies have free testing kits available. When children at our Centre do get covid, they must be 100% symptom free before returning. When we know of positive cases this allows us to notify others so they can be more mindful of even mild symptoms that might show up in their children. We have seen positive cases with only a slight runny nose or a fever. Mild symptoms in one can be more severe in others.



Sick Policy and Covid-19 symptoms

If at any time a child shows symptoms of illness, no matter how mild, they will not be allowed to attend, this includes symptoms that are unrelated to COVID-19. If your child is sick please keep them home until they are feeling better. 



If a child becomes ill/shows symptoms of illness at any time in our care, parents will be called and asked to pick up in a reasonable amount of time. You are encouraged to follow public health recommendations.


When assessing the health and well-being of a child, we take the whole child into consideration.     

All children must be able to fully participate in the daily routine of the center without the 

assistance of pain and fever reducers.



Runny Nose:

The Centre will allow children to attend with a mild runny nose. We know that allergy season is upon us and we may see more runny noses because of this. If the runny nose is discolored/thick and cloudy or persistently running down their face and requires ongoing one on one care to manage, or additional symptoms develop, the child will need to be picked up and can return once the runny nose is under control.



We understand that a cough can linger after a bad cold. We will work with each family on a case by case basis (this means you MUST contact the Centre to discuss your childs return if they are still coughing) and allow children to return to the Centre if the cough is at a stage where it has significantly improved/almost gone where the child is only coughing the odd time throughout the day and no other symptoms are present. If the Centre staff find that the child’s cough becomes persistent or worsens, impacting the child’s ability to fully participate, or relief is not observed by the use of an inhaler as prescribed, then you will be called for pick up.


New onset of symptoms or worsening of symptoms outside of what was outlined above will still result in a call for pick up at the discretion of the childcare staff. 


Positive Case of Covid 19:

Children and staff are to remain home if they have tested positive for covid 19. Children and staff can return on the 6th day after a positive test result if their symptoms have subsided and they no longer have a fever and can fully participate in the program. This means your child should be symptom free prior to returning. If there is a positive case in the home families are encouraged to follow public health recommendations. Children can continue to attend the childcare facility. If you have covid do not drop off or pick up your child. 


In the event that the Centre has to close due to staff illness and the inability to maintain ratio, all families will be required to pay child care fees for any time period we close until enough staff can return to work. We will do our best to continue operations and this might mean operating on reduced hours with minimal notice. 


COVID-19 Symptoms may include any of the following

  • -Cough
  • -Headache
  • -Fever/chills
  • -Muscleaches
  • -Sore throat/ hoarsevoice
  • -Shortness of breath/ breathingdifficulties
  • -Loss of taste orsmell
  • -Vomiting, or diarrhea for more than 24hours
  • -Runnynose
  • -Fatigue
  • -Nausea or loss ofappetite
  • -Conjunctivitis (pinkeye)
  • -Skin rash of unknowncause



It is suggested that a card indicating your child’s place of care be kept on you at all time in case you are unable to communicate for yourself.  This card should request that they inform the Centre immediately if something should happen to you.  It should also indicate who should be called if you are unable to pick up your child.

Information on the card should be:

Centres name and phone number

Your name

Your childs name

An alternative person who can pick up your child from daycare

The alternative persons phone numbers



All children’s files are considered confidential for the staff/directors use only.  Parents have access to their child’s file on request.  An appointment can be set up with the Director to review the file with you. Occasionally staff takes pictures of the children during parties, special events or during free play.  These are sometimes displayed for the children and parents to see.


Intoxication/ Drug Abuse

Any individual who arrives at the Centre to pick up a child and seems to be under the influence of an illegal substance or intoxicant will not be allowed to remove the child from the Centre.  We are obligated to do what is best for the safety and well being of the child.  Parents who appear to be under the influence of drugs/alcohol may remove their children from the Centre if another adult who is not under the influence of either drugs or alcohol accompanies them.  Staff may call a taxi if required.




Parking is provided for parents outside of the building in the front of the Daycare.  Please remember that there is a 15-minute time limit on the parking.  If you are going to be at the Centre longer, please park on either 26th street or Park Avenue.  Please do not park in other business parking lots.


Notification of Absence

If your child is unable to attend the centre for the day, please notify the centre.  If your child is absent to due to an illness, please let us know the cause (e.g. cold, flu, etc.)  If your child is absent without notice for a period of 2 weeks your space will be filled by another family.  If your space has been given to another family, you may choose to put your child on our waiting list.


Life Changes

Please share any life changes, whether they are small or big, with the staff.  It will help us to assist your child to process and deal with their emotions and behaviours that are out of the norm for your child due to the change in life circumstances.


Vacation or Leave of Absence

We require two weeks written notice if you are going to withdraw your child from care for vacation time or leave of absences.  WE DO NOT GUARANTEE YOUR SPOT WILL BE THERE IF YOU WITHDRAW YOUR CHILD.  If you wish to guarantee your spot is saved, we will hold it for you by billing you for the days that your child (ren) are not in attendance or if you are subsidized, by using your absent days.


Emergency Pick up Person

We ask that each family have an emergency pick up person in the event that parent/guardians are not available.  This person will be contacted in the event that we are unable to contact the parents in an emergency, late pick, a sudden illness for the child or the Centre is closed due to unforeseen circumstances.  It is the parents responsibility to ensure the emergency persons phone numbers are correct and working.





We will bill for all days in each calendar month.  An absent day will be billed as a normal day.  If you are subsidized you will be using your allowable absent days if your child (ren) are not in attendance.  If you go over your allowable absent days you will be billed full payment for the days over.  If a Statutory holiday’s falls on the day that your child (ren) would normally be in care, your account will be billed for that day. (E.g. Christmas falls on a Monday and your child is usually in attendance, your account will be billed for this day.)

We bill a month in advance and all payments are due the last Friday of the billing month.  For example, approximately half way through January you will receive an invoice for February’s care.  The invoice will be due the last Friday of January.  If you wish to make alternate arrangements for payment, please feel free to discuss this with the Director.   Please pay by e-transfer (, cheque or debit if possible. Because of the duplication of surnames please print your child's name on the cheque to ensure it is credited to the proper account.  If paying by cash, no change will be given. 

If the amount of payment is more than the amount owed, your account will be credited the difference.  Please deposit payments in the purple box in the front lobby.  Envelopes are provided. 

   For accounts in the arrears for a length of time of 1 billing period (Month), the Director has the authority to discontinue care until the account is paid in full.  A written notice shall be given to family’s prior to care being discontinued.

When an account is habitually late, care will be discontinued and any outstanding balance will be sent to Collections.



Fees are to be paid at full rates until such a time that subsidy approval is received.  Your account will then be adjusted and the unsubsidized fee of $2.00 for 4 to 10 hours per day will be applied as well as any family contribution that has been assessed to your account.

You have a choice of two ways to pay your family contribution:

  1. On the last Friday of the month prior to care
  2. Divide the amount into 2 equal payments and pay bi-weekly.

  All accounts need to be paid in advance of care

When renewing subsidy, the confirmation of the renewal needs to be received by our office no later than the expiry date.  If the renewal is late a parent may do one of the following:

  1. Withdraw the child from the program.
  2. Pay full fees until subsidy is confirmed. Your account will be adjusted when confirmation of your subsidy approval comes back to the Centre.
  3. Seek alternate arrangements temporarily until your subsidy is confirmed. (Please note during temporary withdrawal, we will not guarantee that the child's space will be reserved.)
  4. If your children are here longer than approved by subsidy, you will be charged the full paying rate. (E.g. Your child is here over 10 hours and you are not approved for care over 10 hours, you will be billed the over 10 hour rate.)





Fee Schedule

Age 3 months to 2 years                            4 to 10 hours                             $10.00

Extended care  over 10 hours                                                                      $23.50                           

Age 2 to the end of Kindergarten            4- 10 hours                                  $10.00                                              Extended hours over 10 hours                                                                     $18.90


Receipts will be issued according to the dates of your payments and will in your mail box on your child’s locker.  Please keep your receipts; they are your copies for income tax purposes.  If you have lost some receipts we can do a tax letter, there is a $25 charge for one.

There is a $50.00 charge for all NSF cheques.  We charge all cost incurred to collect delinquent accounts.

There is a non-refundable $50.00 deposit required on all spaces reserved.  This deposit is required to guarantee a space for your children.  The Centre will not guarantee a space for your children without the deposit being paid in advance. 


Late Pick Up Policy

The staff will try to contact parents of children who are picked up late.  If the parent/guardians cannot be contacted, the staff will then call the emergency pick up person.  If no can be contacted and the parents/guardians of the child have not contacted the centre within one hour, the staff will contact Child and Family Services (CFS).  Once this call is made it is out of the Centre's hands and the parents/guardians will need to ask any questions or concerns with CFS regarding their children.

For children who are picked up after the centre closes at 5:30 p.m. there will be a late pick up charge of $50.00 per hour per child or any part thereof. Eg if you are 5 minutes late you will be billed $50.00.  If you are 1 hour 5 minutes late the charge will be $100.00 per child.  If your child has been in attendance over 10 hours with the late pick up time, your account will be billed for the late pick up fee as well as extended care fees.

If Staff are unable to reach anyone on the child pickup list, it is under the Directors discretion if a childcare will be discontinued due to a late pick up.

If there is chronic late pick ups (more than 3) care will be discontinued immediately.  All fees will be due immediately as well.



To withdraw from the program we require 2 weeks written notice in advance. A withdrawal form is available from the Director or a staff person.  Please give your written notice to a staff person if the Director is not in the Centre. If notice is not possible your account will be billed for the two weeks in lieu of notice. Thank you for your cooperation.


Infant Parents

Please ensure the following items are at Daycare everyday:

  1. Diapers
  2. Wipes
  3. Extra Clothing
  4. Food
  5. Bottles
  6. Formula or Milk
  7. Diaper rash cream if used or powder

Please ensure everything is labelled with your child’s name.

The infant room has cubbies for your child’s diaper bag and coats.

All diaper changes, bottles, naptime, meal times and any other information is recorded in Fastoche.  Please take a look at it everyday so you are aware of what happens in your infant’s day.

The Daycare supplies bibs, utensils and cups so please leave these items at home.  If there is a special blanket or toy your child needs to have a good nap with please bring it to Daycare but please leave all other toys at home.  We are not able to ensure that the toys will return home in the same condition that they arrived.

We have storage space so that you can bring a large bag of diapers to store at the Centre.  The infant staff will leave you a note or put it in the child’s journal in Fastoche when your child’s diaper or wipes supply begins to get low.




Children in Diapers and/or Potty Training

If your child is using diapers then please bring in a full bag of diapers and pack of wipes.  The staff in your child’s room will store them and let you know when they are running low.  When you receive a note that your child is low on supplies please bring them in the next day as we do not have spare diapers and/or wipes to use if your child runs out.  If we do have to use a MMLC diaper on your child you will be billed $1 per diaper used.  

If your child is potty training then please bring several outfits each day that they can be changed into when accidents do happen.   Spare shoes are also very good to have as many times shoes become wet as well.   Please check your child’s locker daily for soiled clothes to bring home and wash. 


Meals and Snacks

The Centre does have a hot lunch program that  meets the Canada Food Guide standards that says each meal must contain a minimum of 3 out of 4 of the food groups. We provide a hot lunch every day at a cost of $6.00 per day per child.  ( this is not provided at this time)

If you wish to be removed from the hot lunch program written notice of 2 weeks are required.

If you do not wish to participate in the hot lunch program we ask that you sent a healthy, nutritious lunch with the following in it; 1 protein, 1 dairy, 1 bread or cereal and 2 fruits/vegetables that are ready to Microwave in a microwavable container with your child (ren) each day.

If your child(ren) lunch does not meet the Canada Food Guide Standard, the centre will bill you $2.00 per meal as we are required to supplement your child’s lunch to ensure all food  groups are being served.

 Due to the high allergic reaction to peanuts/ nuts and nut products we ask that you do not send peanut butter or any other peanut or nut product in your child(ren)’s lunches.  The Child Daycare Office has passed a regulation that peanut/nut products are not to be served to young children. Thank you for helping support this daycare regulation. We discourage lunch kits in the fridge as we have limited space.  Microwaves are available to warm food up.  We ask that you do not send food that requires cooking on the stove, as we do not have the facilities to accommodate this.

The Centre daily provides two snacks.  A morning snack and an afternoon snack are provided and they meet the Canada Food Guide standards.  The Canada Food guide requires that each snack has a minimum of two food groups.  The snack/ lunch  menu is posted on the wall next to the kitchen and in each area or room.  The snacks are on a 4-week rotating schedule.


All medication must be in its original container. For prescribed medication your child's name must be on the container.  Each child has a medication sheet that is required to be filled out before a staff person can administer the medication.  Ask a staff person to get the form for you to fill out. 



A nap space is provided for the children who require a nap during the day.  Please send a special blanket or a stuffed toy that your child needs to have a good rest.  These items will be stored in a labelled container in the nap room.  We supply sheets and blankets that are washed on a weekly basis.  Each child will have their own bedding each week.


Play Clothes

Please dress your children (ren) in play clothes.  The children play outside, in the sand table, with paint and several of other activities throughout the day. Art shirts are encouraged but we cannot guarantee that a child will always use them. 




Indoor Shoes

Please send a pair of indoor shoes that can be left at the Centre for your children to wear everyday.


Extra clothing

Please send a complete set of extra clothing for your children each day.  They can be stored in your children's locker in case they are needed.


Outside Clothing

Children need to come dressed for outside play.  Warm clothing in the winter and cool clothing in the summer. The children do go outside everyday weather permitting (temperature greater than -25oC or a wind-chill factor less than 1600). The children go out for planned and spontaneous out-side play daily.  The children usually play at either JR Reid or Lyons Park.


Labels on Children's Items

We request that you label all your children's belongings before bringing them to the Centre.  We cannot be responsible for items that are lost and not labelled.  If we find an item it will be put into the lost and found box in the front lobby or in a basket by the art board.  If an item is found with a name it will be put into that child's locker.  We will assume that we have your permission to label your child's belongings if they have not already been labelled.




Children are encouraged not to bring their own toys.  We have a variety of activities for the children to participate in throughout the day.  We do not assume responsibility for lost, broken or misplaced toys.


Field Trips

The Centre goes on spontaneous field trips.  We go to various parks, tours, sites and displays as the opportunity arises.  You will be informed in advance of the trips whenever possible.  The staff and children will use the city bus for transportation if it is not within walking distance.   Staff will count their group as they are getting on the bus and again as they are getting off the bus to ensure that the group stays together.


Lost and Found

The lost and found box is located in the front lobby area.  The lost and found is cleared out once a week.  After 4 weeks the lost and found items are combined and kept for two months, after that the items will be put to use in the Centre or given away.


Changes of Information

Please notify the Centre of any changes in information as soon as possible.  We require current information in case of emergency for your child’s safety.

If the centre tries to contact you and we are unable to contact any one on your pickup list, care may be withdrawn.  It is extremely important for parents to ensure all information is up to date.


Parents Role

If you wish to discuss your child at length or you have a concern please feel free to make an appointment with the Director.  This will allow for privacy and the Directors full attention. 

Every child has an adjustment period to Daycare, this is natural and will last for a short time. We ask that you do not sneak out of the Centre.  Please let your child know that you are leaving and that you will return at the end of the day.  Please leave after you have said that you will be back after work/school because it will be easier for your child.  If you prolong the time of your departure you will prolong the separation anxiety causing more distress to your child.  The staff will involve your child in some activity that interests them to get them involved in the program.  All parents are welcome to call anytime during the day to see how your child is doing. 

If your visiting your child during the day and then leaving is upsetting to your child, we ask that you do not.  Once your child is comfortable with us and it does not cause any stress to you child, then you are most welcome.


Parent Involvement

With your personal involvement and knowledge of the Centre we will be able to provide a higher quality of care for your children.  There are many ways to become involved in the Centre.

 Here are some ways you can get involved.

  1. We write in your child journal in Fastoche everyday. Please read it.
  2. Volunteers for field trips, parties, and any other time you wish to help out.
  3. Take a look at the parent information board. There is information about things happening around our community as well as our philosophy, behaviour management policy and any exemptions that the Day Care Office has granted the Centre.
  4. Parent contributions such as: newspaper, old toys that are in good condition, old books that are in good condition, clothing for extra clothes for the children as well as dress up clothes for the housekeeping area etc.
  5. Please come out and have your ideas and opinions heard at the Board Meetings.
  6. Please sign up to be on the Board of Directors. We need parents to express their ideas regarding policy changes and to have knowledge in what is happening in the Centre.
  7. All parents are welcome to attend our Annual General Meeting.



We do provide a hot lunch daily for the cost of $6.00 per day per child.  The menu is approved by the Provincial Dietician and will be posted on the walls in each room.


Parent Information Centre

The Parent Information Centre is located in the front lobby on the North wall.  The information you will find is our Centres Philosophy and Behaviour Management Policy, our Operating License and any exemptions that we have received from the Child Day Care Office.  The purple Box is also in our front Lobby.

Please note: for your children’s safety around vehicles it is the Centre requirement that parents take young children by the hand, or in some other way to directly supervise when entering the parking area from a vehicle or leaving the building.


Video Camera Monitoring System

We have installed security cameras for the safety of the children and staff.

There is a camera in all the rooms except the washrooms, staff rooms and office. To ensure everyone’s privacy the video will not be seen by anyone but the Board of Directors, Executive Director, Assistant Director and Supervisor. 

If there is an issue e.g. outside agency (Brandon Police Services, RCMP, Child and Family Services, etc) A Board member and the Executive Director or her representative will be present during the viewing of the time and child/staff in question.

If you have any questions please speak to the office staff and we will answer any questions you may have.


Suspected Child Abuse

We are required by law to act as child advocates so any suspicion of child abuse will be reported to the Child and Family Services or other appropriate agencies.











6:30 am                                               Centre Opens

6:30 – 9:00 am                                    Child Directed Activities

7:30 – 9:00 am                                    Come and go snack

10:30 – 12:00                                     Gym/outside time

11:30 – 12:00                                      Circle

12:00 – 12:45 pm                                Lunch Time

1:00 – 2:30 pm                                    Naptime

1:00 – 2:00 pm                                    Child directed activities/ Outside time

2:00 – 2:45 pm                                    Gym time for stay up children

2:45 – 3:00 pm                                    Story/Song time

3:00 – 3:30 pm                                    Come and Go Snack

3:30 – 5:30 pm                                    Child activities

5:30  pm                                              Centre closes              













6:30 am                                   Centre Opens

6:30 – 7:30 am                        Child directed Activities

7:30 am                                   Infant Room Opens

7:30 – 10:00 am                      Infant directed Activities

7:30 – 9:00 am                        Snack

9:30 – 10:00 am                      Art Activity

10:00 – 11:30 am                    Outside/Gym

11:30– 12:00 pm                     Circle Time

12:00 – 12:45                          Lunch

12:30 – 2:30 pm                      Naptime/ quiet activities

2:30 – 3:00 pm                        Infant directed Activities

3:00 – 3:30 pm                        Snack

3:30 – 4:30 pm                        Infant Directed Activities

4:30 – 5:15  pm                       Planned Activity

5:15  pm                                  Infant room closes








Trash to Treasures


Parents, anything you don’t need we could probably use.  Here is a list to let you know some of the items we could use:

Wool                                                   computer paper

Buttons                                               egg cartoons

Ribbon                                                milk cartoons

Cork                                                    paper towel rolls

Styrofoam Containers                         dish detergent bottles

Jewellery for dress up                         wrapping paper

Books                                                  magazines

Toys                                                    catalogues

Sponges                                               newspaper

Fabric                                                  plastic containers

String                                                  twine

Various paper                                      squeeze bottles ( ie mustard, home perm, etc.)